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  • Library Social Media Policy

    The David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library uses social media to promote information literacy and lifelong learning to current, former, and prospective students, staff, and faculty. To do so, the Library will share news items of interest, links, or articles about events and/or opinions. The focus will typically be on the Library and college community, information literacy, research and research ethics, and higher education.

    The Library will also share world events or holidays, provided posts would not be offensive to any protected class. Social media informs users quickly and educates the community while promoting the Library as a source of interesting and understandable information that will make current students, staff, and faculty recognize the Library as a good source of information and assistance.

    Our Commitment

    We are committed to following best practices for online behavior. We will not post:

    • Items or comments that are obscene, discriminatory, derogatory, or similarly objectionable in their content

    • Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language

    • Potentially slanderous statements

    • Plagiarized or copyrighted material

    • Commercial promotions or spam

    User Privacy 

    It is the Library policy that the privacy of all users will be respected in compliance with federal and state laws. Only users who have shown consent to receive communication via social networking sites by "liking," "friending," creating an alert to new content, leaving a comment, or otherwise initiating communication will be contacted by the Library through that site.


    Comments on social networking sites are open to all but are moderated by Library staff. Comments should be relevant to the specific post they are attached to. Spam, flaming, personal attacks, and off-topic comments are not permitted. Galveston College student, faculty, and staff comments should also comply with the Student Code of Conduct and the Employee Handbook. The Library reserves the right to remove any comment or disable all comments if necessary.

    Library Liability

    The Library is not responsible or liable for content posted by subscribers or third parties in comment sections, forums, message boards, or other social networking sites. Users who subscribe to external social networking sites (such as Facebook) do so at their own risk and responsibility for sharing personally identifying information through those sites.