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    The Rolling Stones all the songs : the story behind every track
    Serena Williams : tennis champion, sports legend, and cultural heroine
    Throw like a girl, cheer like a boy : the evolution of gender, identity, and race in sports
    Scorpion king : America's suicidal embrace of nuclear weapons from FDR to Trump
    Dreams of Wakanda : creators, writers, and comics legends on the impact of Marvel Studios' Black Panther
    You don't look like a lawyer : black women and systemic gendered racism
    Self-care for nurses : 100+ ways to rest, reset, and feel your best
    The musical human : a history of life on Earth
    Saving the electoral college : why the national popular vote would undermine democracy
    Understanding the paradox of surviving childhood trauma : techniques and tools for working with suicidality and dissociation
    Amateur hour : presidential character and the question of leadership
    Offstage observations : inside tales of the not-so-legitimate theatre
    Dilla time : the life and afterlife of J Dilla, the hip-hop producer who reinvented rhythm
    Locked in : the true causes of mass incarceration -- and how to achieve real reform
    The legacy of Maggie Dixon : a leader on the court and in life
    Hey! that's my song! : a guide to getting music placements in film, TV, and media
    Campus rape culture : identity and myths
    The death penalty on the ballot : American democracy and the fate of capital punishment
    Be my baby : a memoir
    Nonbinary : a memoir
    Suspect citizens : what 20 million traffic stops tell us about policing and race
    Pivoting your instruction : a guide to comprehensive instructional design for faculty
    On the bus with Bill Monroe : my five-year ride with the father of blue grass
    Jazz in China : from dance hall music to individual freedom of expression
    The child survivor : healing developmental trauma and dissociation
    The Cambridge companion to civil disobedience
    Marxism in the United States: Remapping the History of the American Left
    Communism : a very short introduction
    The Nuremberg Trial / Ann Tusa and John Tusa
    One last song : conversations on life, death, and music
    The boxing kings : when American heavyweights ruled the ring
    Coce image from  Normal view   Chasing Gideon : the elusive quest for poor people's justice
    Unfinished business : compelling stories of adult student persistence
    Doctoring the Black Death : Medieval Europe's medical response to plague
    Cancel culture : the latest attack on free speech and due process
    Finding comfort during hard times : a guide to healing after disaster, violence, and other community trauma
    Sisters of tomorrow : the first women of science fiction
    Troublemakers : students' rights and racial justice in the long 1960s
    All in : the spread of gambling in twentieth-century United States
    Get thee to a bakery : essays
    We protest : fighting for what we believe in
    Coce image from  Normal view   Fascism : a warning
    Violence against women : what everyone needs to know
    Abortion and the law in America : Roe v. Wade to the present
    Camera Power: Proof, Policing, Privacy, and Audiovisual Big Data
    Martin Luther King : a religious life
    Black rodeo in the Texas Gulf Coast region : charcoal in the ashes
    The ransom of the Jews : the story of the extraordinary secret bargain between Romania and Israel
    Your money mentors : expert advice for millennials
    Shots fired : gun violence in the United States