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  • Books For Faculty

    Enhancing adult motivation to learn : a comprehensive guide for teaching all adults / Raymond J. Wlodkowski, Margery B. Ginsberg.
    Designing an innovative pedagogy for sustainable development in higher education / edited by Vasiliki Brinia and J. Paulo Davim.
    Engaging African American males in community college / edited by Ted N. Ingram, Bronx Community College and James Coaxum, III, Rowan Community.
    Humanizing higher education through innovative approaches for teaching and learning / edited by Enakshi Sengupta, Centre of Advanced Researc in Higher Education, Patrick Blessinger, St. John's Univeristy, Mandla Makhanya, Univeristy of South Africa.
    Handbook of research on blended learning pedagogies and professional development in higher education / [editor] Jared Keengwe, University of North Dakota, USA.
    Higher education for and beyond the sustainable development goals / Tristan McCowan.
    Merging the instructional design process with learner-centered theory : the holistic 4D model / Charles M. Reigeluth and Yunjo An.
    101 tips for teaching online: helping students think, learn, and grow-no matter where they are! / Alex Kajitani.
    Humanizing distance learning: centering equity and humanity in times of crisis / Paul Emerich France.
    Teaching for lifelong learning: how to prepare students for a changing world / Elliott Seif; foreword by Jay McTighe.
    Disability and world language learning: inclusive teaching for diverse learners / Sally S. Scott and Wade A. Edwards.
    Queering vocal pedagogy: a handbook for teaching trans and genderqueer singers and fostering gender-affirming spaces / William Sauerland.
    Promoting educational success through culturally situated instruction / edited by Wally D. Thompson and Debra J. Coffey.
    The mindful classroom: constructive conversations on race, identity, and justice / Tru Leverette.
    White educators negotiating complicity: roadblocks paved with good intentions / Barbara Applebaum.
    The intersection of high-impact practices: what's next for higher education? / Shauna Reilly and Samantha Langley-Turnbaugh.
    Leading disadvantaged learners : from feeling a failure to achieving success / David Middlewood and Ian Abbott with Roberto A. Pamas.
    Pathways to a nursing education career : transitioning from practice to academia / Judith A. Halstead, Phd, RN, ANEF, FAAN, Betsy Frank, PhD, RN, ANEF.

    Books For All GC Employees

    Higher Education: Recent Trends, Emerging Issues and Future Outlook
    Higher Education : Access Issues and Financial Aid Avenues
    The Breakdown of Higher Education : How It Happened, the Damage It Does, and What Can Be Done
    Intersectionality and Higher Education : Identity and Inequality on College Campuses
    Community colleges as economic engines / Kjell A. Christophersen.
    The completion agenda in community colleges: what it is, why it matters, and where it's going / Christopher Baldwin; with Richard L. Alfred and Debbie L. Sydow.
    Academic language and learning support services in higher education / [Editor] Donna M. Velliaris, Independent Researcher, Australia.
    The shield of silence: how power perpetuates a culture of harassment and bullying in the workplace / Lauren Stiller Rikleen.
    Transgender in the workplace: the complete guide to the new authenticity for employers and gender-diverse professionals / Vanessa Sheridan; foreword by Congressman Mike Quigley.
    Sit up straight: future-proof your body against chronic pain with 12 simple movements / Vinh Pham, with Jeff O'Connell.
    Ethical and legal issues in student affairs and higher education / edited by Anne M. Hornak; (with 13 other contributors).
    Time smart: how to reclaim your time & live a happier life / Ashley Whillans.
    Transitions from vocational qualifications to higher education: examining inequalities / edited by Pallavi Amitava Banerjee, University of Exeter, UK, Debra Myhill, University of Exeter, UK.
    Race, sports, and education: improving opportunities and outcomes for black male college athletes / John N. Singer.
    Reframing campus conflict: student conduct practice through the lens of inclusive excellence / edited by Jennifer Meyer Schrage and Nancy Geist Giacomini; foreword by Tia Brown McNair; preface by Karen D. Boyd, Eleanor Moody-Shepherd, and James McFadden.
    Engagement for equitable outcomes: a practitioner's playbook / Kathryn E. Newcomer, Quentin Wilson and Allyson Criner Brown; foreword by Travis Reginal.
    From selfies to selflessness: improving student self-esteem through mentoring / Cary Knox.
    The meritocracy myth / Stephen J. McNamee, University of North Carolina Wilmington.
    Resisting barriers to belonging: conceptual critique and critical applications / edited by Beverly S. Faircloth, Laura M. Gonzalez, and Katherine Ramos.
    Making and unmaking disability: the three-body approach / Julie E. Maybee, Department of philosophy City University of New York.
    Nonbinary gender identities: history, culture, resources / Charlie McNabb.
    Cultural psychology: cross cultural and multicultural perspectives / Christine Ma-Kellams, University of La Verne.
    The positive psychology of personal factors: implications for understanding disability / edited by Michael Wehmeyer and Dana S. Dunn.
    The pursuit of racial and ethnic equality in American public schools: Mendez, Brown, and beyond / edited [and introduction] by Kristi L. Bowman; [foreword by James E. Ryan].

    Books For Staff

    Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Students and Staff in Further and Higher Education : Practical Advice for Colleges and Universities
    Students, Staff and Academic Mobility in Higher Education
    Career development across the lifespan: counseling for community, schools, higher education, and beyond / edited by Grafton Eliason, Mark Lepore, Jeff Samide, John Patrick.
    Academic advising in the community college / Edited by Terry U. O'Banion.
    The neurodiverse workplace: an employer's guide to managing and working with neurodivergent employees, clients and customers / Victoria Honeybourne
    College for students with learning disabilities: a school counselor's guide to fostering success / Mati Sicherer.
    Collaborations for student success: how librarians and student affairs work together to enrich learning / Dallas Long.
    Workplace Spirituality: Making a Difference
    Bravespace Workplace: Making Your Company Fit for Human Life
    Engaging the Workplace: Using Surveys to Spark Change
    Workplace Morality: Behavioral Ethics in Organizations
    Toxic Workplace!: Managing Toxic Personalities and Their Systems of Power

    Books On Leadership

    Effective Leadership for Overcoming ICT Challenges in Higher Education : What Faculty, Staff and Administrators Can Do to Thrive Amidst the Chaos
    The inclusive management strategy: engineering culture change for employees with disabilities / Camelia Fawzy, DM (University of Maryland University College, USA), Brenda Shore, DM (University of Phoenix, USA).
    Developing an intercultural responsive leadership style for faculty and administrators / [edited by] Ashley D. Spicer-Runnels, Texas A&M University - San Antonio, USA, Teresa E. Simpson, Lamar University, USA.
    Reframing Academic Leadership
    Women in Academic Leadership : Professional Strategies, Personal Choices
    Academic Leadership and Governance of Higher Education : A Guide for Trustees, Leaders, and Aspiring Leaders of Two- and Four-Year Institutions
    Practical Guide to Leadership and Management in Academic Radiology
    Within These Gates : Academic Work, Academic Leadership, University Life, and the Presidency
    Race, work, and leadership : new perspectives on the Black experience / edited by Laura Morgan Roberts, Anthony J. Mayo, David A. Thomas.
    Academic Leadership
    No hard feelings : the secret power of embracing emotions at work / Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy.
    A higher loyalty : truth, lies, and leadership.
    Radical candor : be a kick-ass boss without losing your humanity / Kim Scott.
    Reinventing the community college business model : designing colleges for organizational success / Christopher Shults.
    Silenced and sidelined : how women leaders find their voices and break barriers / Carrie Lynn Arnold.
    Perception is key : how leaders today can navigate workplace politics / Richard D. Tomko.

    Additional Supportive Texts

    A pocket guide to college success / Jamie H. Shushan, the Crimson Summer Academy at Harvard University.
    The premed playbook guide to the medical school application process: everything you need to successfully apply / Ryan Gray, MD.
    Intellectual property on campus: students' rights and responsibilities / TyAnna K. Herrington.
    The secrets of college success / Lynn F. Jacobs and Jeremy S. Hyman.
    First-generation women college students starving to matter: revealing the lived experiences of a student population in crisis / Argyro Aloupis Armstrong.
    Unequal higher education: wealth, status and student opportunity / Barrett J. Taylor, Brendan Cantwell.
    Amplified advantage: going to a
    A problem of fit: how the complexity of college pricing hurts students--and universities / Phillip B. Levine.