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  • Library Food and Beverage Policy

    The Library strives to create a welcoming environment of learning for all Galveston College students, faculty, staff, and local community members. An integral part of creating a quality learning environment is maintaining Galveston College facilities. We ask that patrons refer to these permitted item guidelines when bringing food or beverages into the Library in order to maintain this environment.

    Items permitted in the study rooms, computer lab, and open common areas

    • Light snacks sealed in wrappers (e.g., candy, granola bars, snack-size chips)

    • Beverages with lids (e.g., water bottles, soda bottles, coffee cups with lids)

    Cyber Café

    The Cyber Café is a collaborative space for students to eat, research, study, and/or de-stress. 
    The Cyber Café has six computer workstations, internet, printing, vending machines, and 
    a microwave. 

    • Note: Prepared meals and beverages with lids are permitted in the Cyber Café. 

    Clean up

    Please help us keep the library nice and clean by cleaning up after you eat. Please place all trash in trash cans and clean up accidental spills immediately. 

    Special events

    Library programs, on occasion, may have events where food will be present. The Director of Library and Learning Resources will carefully consider and approve these events. Special events with food items will remain in their respective areas and should not be taken into Library common areas.