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    Mission and Vision 

    Dr. David Glenn Hunt was Galveston College’s founding president. He helped start Galveston College as it opened its doors in 1967 and the Library was named in his honor.

    The mission of the David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library is to promote engaged scholarship by providing access to innovative resources and social spaces and cultivating excellence in student success, teaching, learning, and research. We collaboratively support access, discovery, and lifelong learning skills for all Galveston College students, faculty, staff, and the extended college community. 

    The David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library aspires to be a premier center for learning, discovery, access, and collaboration for the college community.


    1. Support research and scholarship-Aim to support the research and scholarship of faculty, students, and the college community by providing access to a wide range of scholarly resources such as books, journals, databases, and other materials. 
    2. Facilitate teaching and learning-Provide resources, tools, and services that help students and faculty succeed.
    3. Foster community and collaboration-Serve as a hub for scholarly activity on campus, providing space for students, faculty, and staff to collaborate, study, and engage with one another. 
    4. Promote access and equity-Provide resources and services available to all college community members, regardless of their background or status. 
    5. Preserve and share knowledge-Collect, organize, and make available materials that document the scholarly and cultural output of the institution and the community.
    6. Support digital scholarship and innovation-Provide access to digital resources, support data management, and facilitate the creation and dissemination of digital scholarship.