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  • Library Damaged Materials Policy

    If library materials appear damaged upon checkout, library personnel note the damage and date of discovery in the item records. It is highly recommended that patrons alert staff to any suspected damage at the time of check-out. The David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library charges fees when library materials are returned in a damaged condition. Damaged materials are assessed by library personnel, and if found to be in poor or unusable condition, patrons are billed for either a repair fee or total replacement costs. These fees are assessed depending on the extent of the damage.

    Damaged Copies

    Patrons are not charged for everyday wear and tear on library materials. However, the following conditions do not constitute normal wear and tear and may result in repair or replacement charges:

    • Wet or moldy books
    • Books damaged by food stains, oily, or sticky residues
    • Books missing pages or covers
    • Books containing excessive marking by pencil, ink, or highlighter
    • Books showing tears, cuts, graffiti, or other unusual damage

    If library personnel conclude library material is irreparable, it must be withdrawn from the library’s collection. Patrons are charged the total replacement value of the item or may be able to bring in a replacement item, as long as it has first been approved by library personnel, done promptly, and the replacement item is in a similar format and condition.

    Replacement or repair costs are at the discretion of library personnel and are determined based on the particular circumstances of each case.

    Missing Items

    If an item owned by the Library cannot be physically located on the shelf, patrons should seek assistance at the Circulation Desk. Library personnel will search for the item, and if it cannot be located they will promptly have the item designated as “Missing” in the Online Catalog. Patrons may request the missing items from other libraries to be delivered to Galveston College using Interlibrary loan.