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  • Library Code of Conduct

    The David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library strives to provide a safe environment for individual and group study, reading, and research activities. The following behaviors are deemed to interfere with the provision of this environment. Library users who engage in any of these behaviors may be subject to removal from the premises and may be reported to the Associate Vice President of Student Services and the Campus Police. 

    • Engaging in activities that are disruptive to other patrons’ use of the Library
    • Using any electronic device in a manner that disturbs others
      • Note: Cell phones should be set to silent or vibrate while inside the Library 
    • Harassing or threatening any student, staff, or faculty member in the Library
    • Consuming prepared meals and beverages without lids.
    • Soliciting and selling in the Library
    • Leaving children unsupervised in the Library
    • Bringing any animal into the Library
      • Note: Service animals and service animals in training are permitted 
    • Entering areas that are restricted to Library staff without permission

    Library Materials and Equipment

    The Library has purchased all titles (print, electronic, and audiovisual) in support of the programs offered by Galveston College, and they are available to all Library users. The Library supports the American Library Association’s (ALA) principles; including the Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read, and Freedom to View. For more information, please visit the ALA website at:

    Library computers should be used for college-related coursework and activities only. Students using the computers for non-academic purposes may be asked to log off. Library computers will not be used to view websites that contain pornography, real or animated. Users violating this rule may be asked to leave the Library and have their login accounts suspended. The installation of software on Library computers is prohibited. Students violating this rule may be asked to leave the Library and have their login accounts suspended.

    Tables should not be moved, as moving tables can disconnect or break electrical connections built into the furniture. Any chair moved will need to be returned to its original position.

    • Exception: Tables in the Flexible Learning Space can be moved. The furniture in the Flex-Space is moveable, modular furniture 

    Users who damage Library materials (e.g., cutting, marking, tearing, breaking, etc.) will be held responsible for their repair and, if necessary, replacement. Library users are subject to immediate removal for committing or attempting to commit a severe/illegal offense; including assault, battery, theft, gambling, vandalism, sexual crimes, offensive touching, stalking or threatening behavior, or the use of alcohol or controlled substances. 

    Consult the Galveston College Student Handbook for more information regarding student behavior.