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    The Library offers various instructional services designed to actively integrate information literacy into the curricula and facilitate students' acquisition of critical thinking and information-seeking skills. 

    Faculty can work with the library team to design targeted, in-person, synchronous, and asynchronous library instruction sessions and tutorials for courses to focus on specific research topics. 

    Library instructional services include:

    • Do-It-Yourself information literacy tutorials
    • Individualized instruction and assistance in developing library-related assignments
    • Individual Research Appointments can be booked online. Librarians are available for more advanced research consultations.
    • Online course guides (LibGuides), which can be embedded into CANVAS
    • Online instruction webinars
    • Virtual and In-class instruction sessions

    How Library Instruction Works for You

    To increase participation in library instruction, consider offering a library instruction session as a graded assignment or extra credit. If you have a research assignment on a specific topic, contact the library, and we will design a session or tutorial for your class. Submitting requests at least three weeks before classes start is important.

    Start here: we recommend starting with these sessions:

    • GC Library Orientation 
    • Plagiarism 
    • All About Database Searching

    View the Sessions in Detail tab for more information about the session offered.  

    How to Incorporate Library Instruction into your Course:

    • Embed a librarian or assign library labs and modules in Canvas
    • Offer extra credit or a graded assignment
    • Inform students of the library instruction tutorials and webinars
    • Instruct students to register for sessions on their own or register your class for a session during your scheduled class time
    • Stream a live session during class (face-to-face and online)

    Here's How it Works

    Asynchronous Do-It-Yourself Tutorials (Not Assigned in Canvas):

    • Do-It-Yourself tutorials accessed from the Events and Webinars page require registration only.

    Canvas Libary Labs or Modules:

    Online Synchronous Sessions:

    • Register for one of the sessions
    • Receive an email confirmation after successful registration with a link and password to the session
      • If registering for your class, forward the confirmation email or post the link and password in Canvas.
    • Email reminders are sent the day before the session. 
    • After the webinar, an email is sent with a link to complete the session assessment quiz.
      • If you offer EXTRA CREDIT or GRADED ASSIGNMENT, the students will receive a certificate of completion.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I schedule webinars for my online or face-to-face classes? We will work with you to coordinate webinars with your classes. Library Instruction Webinars are scheduled before the start of each semester and must be submitted at least two weeks before the beginning of the semester. Contact the library or schedule your webinar today

    Where can I find the link to the webinarsYou can currently access the webinars on the library homepage and in the Quick Links box; I recommend adding a link to your Canvas course.

    What if the webinar is not available during the times I need? Send me an email, and I will open up additional sessions if available.

    What if I have a specific topic I want to be covered? Topics and advanced searching is covered in the advanced sessions such as All About Database Searching, if your students are attending those sessions, send me an email, and I will be sure the chosen topics are covered.

    What if I can’t attend the session? The sessions are designed for students to attend on their own, but faculty can also attend. If you cannot attend, no problem. Simply provide your class with the login information if you have a class scheduled and cannot participate. We can generate an attendance report after the session. 

    The webinar has a timeframe of 60-90 minutes. Will the webinar be that long? The more advanced webinars tend to require more time, typically 45-60 minutes, but we added extra time for questions, answers, and examples.

    Which Sessions Should I Recommend to My Students?

    • At the beginning of the semester:
      • GC Library Orientation 
      • All About Database Searching
      • Plagiarism 
    • For Research Assignments:
      • Whitecaps OneSearch
      • All About Database Searching
      • Primary and Secondary Sources
      • Plagiarism
      • APA Style Demystified
      • MLA Demystified

    Instructional Offerings: What's Available?

    Not sure what you need? We can help! We have implemented a "Have it Your Way" concept to increase collaboration and customize instruction for any course or assignment. These sessions may be general library orientations or discipline-specific research classes. 

    Canvas Integration

    Embed a librarian, resources, or library materials in your Canvas course. See the Embedding Library Resources page for more information about Canvas integration.  

    Do-It-Yourself Information Literacy Tutorials (DIY)

    The Do-It-Yourself Information Literacy Series consists of asynchronous tutorial modules to ensure students, faculty, and staff have opportunities to develop information literacy skills on and off campus. Each module has an assessment quiz that consists of graded general knowledge questions to assess knowledge and application of information literacy skills. All modules are available via Canvas.

    Individual Reference Appointments

    Encourage your students to request an appointment with a librarian any time during the semester for research assistance on a specific subject or assignment. This option is good for students who need a brief explanation of a task or concept (e.g., citing sources, plagiarism, and how to search for books and articles). 

    Online Instruction Webinars

    GC Librarians facilitate live, online webinars for students. 

    Virtual or In-Class Instruction Sessions (by request only)

    We can provide online instruction via Zoom or come to your class on campus. Instruction sessions can include basic orientation to the Library, advanced research, or specific resources tailored to your course assignment. All of the library instruction sessions can be customized for individual classes. The Flexible Learning Space can be reserved by faculty for hands-on library instruction sessions or workshops

    Sessions in Detail: Webinars and Asynchronous Tutorials

    Introduction to GC Library  

    Galveston College Library Orientation-This 20-minute session is designed to help students, faculty, and staff discover how to access many library resources. Learn how to navigate top resources on the library website, and connect with the GC library team via chat, text, email, and more. (DIY, OW)

    Database Searching and Research

    All About Database Searching-This 30-minute session covers accessing peer-reviewed academic journal articles from the library's subscription databases. These are the types of resources needed for college-level research assignments and projects. (DIY, OW)

    Finding and Using GC Library eBooks- This 30-minute session will help students, faculty, and staff discover the thousands of online ebooks GC Library offers. Learn how to search, download, and cite eBooks. (OW)

    Intro to Nursing Research: CINAHL Ultimate-This 20-minute tutorial is part of the Introduction to Nursing Research Series. This tutorial aims to teach students database searching techniques in the CINAHL Ultimate database to help find and evaluate nursing and allied health-related subjects. (DIY)

    Intro to Nursing Research: MedlinePlus-This 10-minute tutorial is part of the Introduction to Nursing Research Series. This tutorial aims to teach students database searching techniques in MedlinePlus to help find and evaluate nursing and allied health-related subjects. (DIY)

    Intro to Nursing Research: PubMed-This 20-minute tutorial is part of the Introduction to Nursing Research Series. This tutorial aims to teach students database searching techniques in PubMed to help find and evaluate nursing and allied health-related subjects. (DIY)

    Primary and Secondary Sources-This 10-minute session will help students learn the difference between primary and secondary sources. (DIY, OW)

    Qualitative vs. Quantitative-This 10-minute tutorial is part of the Introduction to Nursing Research Series. This tutorial teaches students the basic differences between identifying a quantitative or qualitative research paper. (DIY)

    Citation and Plagiarism 

    APA 7th Edition Demystified- This 30-minute session introduces students to the elements of APA citation. We also look at citation guides and more! (DIY, OW)

    MLA 9th Edition Demystified- This 20-minute session aims to introduce students to the elements of MLA citation. We will also look at citation guides and more! (DIY, OW)

    Plagiarism-This 20-minute session aims to help students understand plagiarism, how plagiarism affects students at Galveston College, and how to avoid plagiarism. (DIY, OW)

    For Faculty/Staff

    Library Resources Overview for Faculty/Staff- This 30-45 minute session is designed for faculty and staff to introduce a wide array of research resources and tools to integrate information literacy into the curricula and facilitate students' critical thinking and information-seeking skills. Learn how to access and request articles, books, eBooks, course research guides, place items on reserve, schedule information literacy sessions, and more.

    Coming Soon

    • Fake News
    • Google Books
    • Google Scholar and GC Library