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  • Interlibrary Loans, Material Delivery, and TexShare

    Interlibrary Loans (ILLs) and the TexShare Card program help GC library patrons; including students, faculty, and staff, borrow materials from other participating libraries. This gives them direct access to materials that the GC Library does not have readily available in the collection. In addition, the Galveston College Library provides free-to-access library resources and materials for our off-campus Distance Learners through the Material Delivery program.

    What is an Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

    It is a free service that is offered by Galveston College Library that provides books and articles that are not available at our library and may be requested to be borrowed from other libraries. Current students, faculty, and staff are allowed to request ILLs. 

    We're here to assist you in getting the materials you need! If you need resources for your research that aren't available in our GC library, we've got you covered. Please keep in mind that we won't process interlibrary loan requests for books or journal articles that we already have in the collection, no matter the format. This means we won't process an ILL request for a print book if we already have the e-book version.

    Submit A Request

    Feel free to submit an Interlibrary Loan Request today. To speed up your request, you can check out the Interlibrary Loan WorldCat Catalog page on the left.

    Take a look at our interactive ILL tutorial down below for a detailed guide on how to make an ILL request.

    Material Delivery:

    To best serve our Distance Learners, the GC Library provides a material shipping service. This service can be used to have library books and resources mailed to your residence, in case coming to the library isn't a possibility. This service can also be used together with the Interlibrary Loan program to have materials shipped to you from our neighboring libraries!

    Eligibility Criteria:

    To qualify for the Galveston College Library's material shipment service, off-campus distance learning students must meet the following criteria:

    • Location:
      • They do not attend classes on any Galveston College campus.
      • They reside more than 30 miles from the Galveston College Library.
      • They live within the United States or Canada.

    How to Use the Delivery Service:

    1. Select Your Materials:
      • Search our online catalog for the materials you wish to borrow from the GC Library.
      • Fill out the online Material Delivery Request Form. This form ensures the timely and accurate shipment of your selected resources.
      • Students must agree to cover shipping costs when returning materials or accept responsibility for any lost or damaged items.
    2. Interlibrary Loan (if needed):
      • If the desired material is unavailable in our collection, fill out the Interlibrary Loan Request Form. Indicate that you are a Distance Learner to facilitate a successful request.

    Important Information:

    • The turnaround time for material delivery depends on various factors, and as such, a specific delivery window cannot be provided. Please plan your research accordingly.
    • You will receive an email notification when your item has been shipped.

    With a TexShare Card, you can borrow books, music, and other library resources from any other participating TexShare library, just as if you were a cardholder there. For more information about the TexShare Card, please visit the Get a TexShare Card page. 

    The Benefits

    • A TexShare Card allows you to borrow books, music, and other library resources from any other participating TexShare library, just as if you were a cardholder there.
    • Generally using your TexShare card at other local libraries is much quicker than submitting an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request.


    • The only requirement is that you must be a current GC student, faculty, or staff member.

    How to Get a TexShare Card 

    • Get a TexShare card from GC Library so you can borrow items from other participating libraries.

    Where Do I Get the TexShare Card?

    • Get a TexShare card at the GC Library Circulation desk.

    Find a TexShare Library Near You

    • Most public and academic libraries participate in TexShare. Find a library near you.
    • Participating libraries may have different lending policies.