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    You can work with the library team to design library instructional courses for your individual classes to focus on specific research topics.

    We can schedule online webinars that correspond with your course schedule and we can also work with you to build library labs in Canvas. Let us know how we can help.

    Library Instruction

    The Library offers a variety of instructional services designed to actively integrate information literacy into the curricula and to facilitate students' acquisition of critical thinking and information-seeking skills. 

    Library instruction is one of the best ways to introduce students to the library and develop research skills. Students who have the skills to find, evaluate, and use information are more successful in their classrooms and will be more successful life-long learners. 

    Librarians can provide targeted in-person instruction or online instruction to help your students.

    Library instructional services include:

    • Online instruction webinars
    • Zoom and In-class instruction 
    • Individualized instruction and assistance in developing library-related assignments
    • Creating online course guides (LibGuides) about your course or class-specific materials that can be embedded into CANVAS
    • Creating online tutorials
    • Individual Research Appointments can be booked online. Librarians are available for more advanced research consultations.

    What Type of Library Instruction is Available?

    We have implemented a "Have it Your Way" concept to increase collaboration and customize instruction for any course or assignment. Not sure what you need? We can help! 

    Online Instruction Webinars: GC Librarians facilitate live, online webinars for your students. 

    Zoom or In-Class Instruction Sessions (by request only):

    • We can provide online instruction via Zoom or come to your class on campus. Instruction sessions can include basic orientation to the library, advanced research, or specific resources tailored to your course assignment. All of the library instruction sessions can be customized for individual classes. 
    • The Flexible Learning Space in the Library can be used for hands-on instruction on how to use the library and other electronic resources.

    Individual Reference Appointments:

    • ​Encourage your students to request an appointment with a librarian any time during the semester for research assistance on a specific subject or assignment. This option is good for students who need a brief explanation of a task or concept (e.g. citing sources, plagiarism, how to search for books and/or articles). 

    Canvas Integration:

    • Embed a librarian, resources, or library materials in your Canvas course, see the Embedding Library Resources page for more information about Canvas integration.  

    How Library Instruction Works for You

    We created a series of virtual library instruction webinars to ensure students, faculty, and staff are given opportunities to develop information literacy skills.

    The webinars are designed to cover all bases of instruction to meet the Association of College & Research Libraries Information Literacy Competency Standards and for Higher Education. You can find an abbreviated list of these standards on the Library Faculty page

    In order to further increase participation in library instruction, consider offering a library instruction session as a graded assignment or extra credit. There is a graded assessment quiz after each session as mentioned in the Library Instruction Webinars tab. 

    We would recommend starting with the 3 Quick Start Sessions:

    • Quick Orientation of Galveston College Library Online 
    • Finding and Using GC Library eBooks
    • Introduction to GC Library Databases

    For more details about library instructional sessions, view the Library Instruction @ GC Library page, then go to the Sessions in Details tab. 

    How to Incorporate Library Instruction into your Course:

    • Inform Students of the Library Instruction Webinars Available
    • Offer Extra Credit or a Graded Assignment
    • Instruct Students to Register on their Own or Register Your Class for a Scheduled Session during Your Scheduled Class Time
    • Stream the Session Live in Class (face to face and online) or Have Your Students Attend on their Own Time
    • If you have a Research Assignment on a Specific Topic, contact me and I will create a webinar for your class that may motivate others in your department/program to encourage students to attend.

    Here’s How it Works:

    • Register for one of the sessions
    • Receive an email confirmation after successful registration with a link and password to the session
      • If you are registering your class then forward the class the confirmation email or post the link and password in Canvas.
    • Receive an email one day before the session 
    • After the webinar, an email will be sent with a link to complete the session assessment quiz
      • If you offer EXTRA CREDIT or GRADED ASSIGNMENT, the students will receive a certificate of completion.
    • Each assessment quiz submission will be entered into a monthly drawing for a Library Swagg Item.
    Some faculty members have created library labs in Canvas and require students to upload their certificate for a graded assignment, if you would like more information on Library Labs in Canvas, please contact Tee Mickens, Director of Library and Learning Resources.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I schedule webinars for my online or face-to-face classes? We will work with you to coordinate webinars with your classes, Library Instruction Webinars are scheduled before the start of each semester and must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester. Contact the library or schedule your webinar today

    Where can I find the link to the webinarsYou can currently access the webinars on the library homepage and in the Quick Links box, I recommend adding a link to your Canvas course as well.

    What if the webinar is not available during the times I need? Send me an email and I will open up additional sessions, if available.

    What if I have a specific topic I want to be covered? Topics and advanced searching is covered in the advanced sessions such as All About Database Searching, if your students are attending those sessions just send me an email and I will be sure the chosen topics are covered.

    What if I can’t attend the webinar? The webinars are designed for students to attend on their own but faculty can most certainly attend as well, if not no problem. If you have a class scheduled and you cannot attend be sure to provide your class with the login information and let me know as well so I can provide an attendance report.

    The webinar has a timeframe of 60-90 minutes, will the webinar be that long? The more advanced webinars tend to require more time, typically 45-60 minutes but we added extra time for questions, answers, and examples.

    Will the webinars be recorded? Quick Start and Overview webinars WILL NOT be recorded. Citation, Plagiarism, and Advanced Searching webinars will be recorded and made available to students in your class only. We are still working on a way to record webinars for classes that are completely online. 

    Which Sessions Should I Recommend to My Students?

    • At the beginning of the semester:
      • Quick Orientation of Galveston College Library Online
      • Finding and Using GC Library eBooks
      • Introduction to GC Library Databases
      • Whitecaps OneSearch
    • For Research Assignments:
      • Whitecaps OneSearch
      • All About Database Searching
      • Finding Primary Sources (Primarily for History Courses)
      • Plagiarism
      • APA Style Demystified
      • MLA Demystified