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  • English 1301 Research Essay

    Overview: For your research essay, you will choose a current national controversy and present two disagreements within the larger debate on the issue without taking a side. You will not present your opinion at any point in this paper.

    Topics:  In order to find enough sources on each side, your topic needs to be one on which there is currently a great deal of disagreement.


    • Gun control
    • Same-sex marriage
    • Capital punishment
    • Legalization of marijuana
    • Immigration reform
    • Health care
    • Censorship
    • Climate Change

    Research: You will need 4-6 sources. The sources should be viewpoint articles; in other words, the author should be taking a stand on something, not reporting the opinion of others. The sources should have some authority and not just be some random guy’s blog somewhere or an angry letter to an editor of a newspaper. You are to use sources that make an argument about the national controversy.

    Recommended Databases for this Assignment