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  • English 1301 Research Essay

    Overview: Select one food-related issue that might be affected by the creation of a National Food Policy, and make a recommendation for or against an NFP through the lens of that issue. The goal of this paper is to make a recommendation incorporating your opinion backed by research.

    Research: Incorporate at least six (6) sources into this essay. You will also create an annotated bibliography that summarizes and analyzes each source. Your paper and annotated bibliography must include the following types of sources:

    Required Sources (5)

    • 2 peer-reviewed articles from Whitecaps OneSearch
    • 1 eBook from Whitecaps OneSearch
    • 1 article from a reputable online news source (e.g., New York Times)
    • 1 government web source (i.e., .gov URL address)

    Other Possible Sources (Use lateral reading to check for credibility)

    • Definition from a reputable online dictionary (e.g., Merriam-Webster)
    • Nonprofit sources (e.g., The Union of Concerned Scientists, National Farm Workers)
    • Podcasts
    • Videos

    At least one (1) of these sources must be a counterargument (a source arguing against your position.)

    Here is an additional list of sources that might help you with your project. You can look these up in the GC Library for the full source. (Note: This list is editable. Feel free to add your citations and contribute to this list.)

    Recommended Databases for this Assignment

    Recommended Books & eBooks for this Assignment

    Below are a few examples of books and ebooks that could provide resources for your assignment. For additional material, you can utilize the Whitecaps OneSearch from the Library homepage.