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  • English 1301 Research Essay

    Overview: Write a thesis-driven essay that argues your own position on one of the topics discussed in previous weeks. In this essay, you need to argue your own point of view about one of our topics rather than simply agree or disagree with what others have written, you will need to argue your own ideas about this topic. 

    Topics: Choose a topic from one of the identities/communities in the Social Identity Project. You can choose a topic not included on this list, but you must get permission from your professor first!


    • Gender Constructs 
    • Sexual Orientation 
    • Racial Constructs 
    • Religion/Spirituality 
    • Ethnicity 
    • Family Structure 
    • National Origin 
    • Native Language 
    • (Dis) Ability (physical, emotional, developmental) 
    • Socio-economic class 


    • Three (3+) articles from the GC Library database, EBSCOhost.  
    • One (1) digital media (such as a video from the Academic Video Online database in the GC Library. 
    • One (1) article or ebook from Whitecaps OneSearch 
    • One (1) article from a reputable online news source (such as the New York Times) 
    • One (1) definition from a reputable online dictionary (such as Merriam-Webster) 

    Recommended Databases for this Assignment

    Recommended eBooks for this Assignment

    Below are a few examples of ebooks that could provide resources for your assignment. For additional material, you can utilize the Whitecaps OneSearch from the Library homepage.