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    The History Research guide aims to create a pathway to research tools and resources to assist you with your projects and assignments in both HIST 1301, HIST 1302, and HIST 2311. 

    Many research resources and tools are available to GC students in the library; knowing which resources are available for your program or course and how to use the resources can sometimes be overwhelming. The guide will help you navigate library resources whether you are an online student, dual credit, hybrid student, or attending in-person.                     


    You will find information about:

    Databases & Journals

    Below are recommended databases, journals, and primary sources for History. For a complete list of databases, please visit the A-Z Databases page.

    Note: Not every article is available online. If the article you are looking for is unavailable through Galveston College Library, place a request via Interlibrary Loan.

    open access, open and free to use This symbol indicates an open-access resource, and a login is not required.

    Databases - History


    Reference Databases - History


    eJournals - History


    Primary Sources - History