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  • Nursing Research Guide

    Welcome to the Nursing Research Guide! The information provided in this guide is intended to create a pathway to information about Nursing Resources that you may find useful for your coursework and research. 

    Have you ever been frustrated or needed assistance finding articles, books, eBooks, journals, and other resources in the library? You are not alone, research can be a complex task. 

    About this guide

    This guide is a helpful research tool to help you navigate library resources, find scholarly articles, journals, books, databases, and other helpful resources. 

    There are many research resources and tools available to GC students in the library but knowing what’s available can sometimes be overwhelming. Resources are continually updated to meet the virtual needs of our students.

    Students and professionals in the field of nursing and healthcare need to understand how to conduct research for many different reasons. Research also helps you respond to the changes in the healthcare environment and we are definitely in a state of change and you want to be sure you have access to relevant information!

    In this guide you will find: