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    The Health and Physical Education Research Guide is a pathway to research tools and resources. In this guide, you will find articles, books, eBooks, media, and open-access sources to assist with projects and assignments in Health and Physical courses. This guide will help you navigate library resources whether you are an online student, dual credit, hybrid student, or attending in-person.

    American physical education has generally differed from that in other countries of thevideo on physical education world,  particularly Europe, in that it has had, throughout the 20th century, this emphasis on games and sports.

    The biggest challenge we have is to get students excited about leading healthy lifestyles. Alexander Cartwright helped develop baseball which influenced popular opinion of recreation, sports, and fitness. 

    Advocates for women's education and health include Mary Lyon and Catherine Beecher. Teaching values and principles through physical activity gained in popularity; sports were also on the rise.

    Watch the full segment of The History of Physical Education in the United States by Films Media Group on Films on Demand.