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    On the Web: African Americans and the Arts, captures websites on topics and themes of artistic contributions and the celebration of expression by African Americans. We hope you find the information presented useful, relevant, applicable, and educational.  

    In 2024, we examine the varied history and life of African American arts and artisans. African American art is infused with African diasporic, Caribbean, and the Black American lived experiences. In the fields of visual and performing arts, literature, fashion, folklore, language, film, music, architecture, culinary, and other forms of cultural expression the African American influence has been paramount. African American artists have used art to preserve history and community memory as well as for empowerment. Artistic and cultural movements, such as the New Negro, Black Arts, Black Renaissance, hip-hop, and Afrofuturism, have been led by people of African descent and set the standard for popular trends around the world. For centuries Western intellectuals denied or minimized the contributions of people of African descent to the arts as well as history, even as their artistry in many genres was mimicked and/or stolen. However, we can still see the unbroken chain of Black art production from antiquity to the present, from Egypt across Africa, from Europe to the New World.

    Reference: Association for the Study of African American Life and History Website