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  • Orientation & Training

    As a Student Assistant with GC Library, you will be required to complete several forms of training as part of your employment with us. We believe that your career success is based on a foundation of training and mentoring.

    Some forms of training will be subject to but not limited to:

    • Webinars
    • Online Courses
    • Videos
    • In Person Training

    Start Here

    GC Library Student Assistant Orientation:

    ►Create a new account at OCLC WebJunction.

    • You will be required to complete online training in WebJunction as part of your orientation. 

    Review and Complete the Wilmington University Library's Library of Congress Tutorial.

    ►Complete the Kent State University Library-Library of Congress Call Number and Shelving Tutorial (Requires Adobe Flash Player)

    ►Download the LibraryTools Mobile (LC Easy App on your phone):

    • Select Library of Congress
    • Complete the training until you make a perfect score of 100
    • Take a screenshot of your score and text it to 409.209.7337

    FERPA (Confidentiality and Privacy)

    Protecting the confidentiality and privacy of our patrons and GC employees is extremely important, especially when dealing with library records and patron information. Giving away patron information is against the law.

    • Do not EVER give out personal information from a patron's library record. This includes items checked out, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. All information in a library record is private and CANNOT be divulged to a third party. 
      • Example: A student asks you the name of the person who has a particular book checked out. You are NOT allowed to tell them that information. It is a violation of that patron's confidentiality and privacy.
    • If a police officer or College administrator asks you for information, please refer them to the Library Director. They will handle the situation. When in doubt ask a library team member.

    By now you should have registered and have access to WebJunction. The Privacy Courses you are required to take is below. You have one day to complete this course during your scheduled work hours.

    ► WebJunction Course: Webinar-Hooray for Freedom! Part One: Privacy, Confidentiality, and Intellectual Freedom in the Library

    • Privacy, confidentiality, and intellectual freedom are core values of librarianship that are easy to agree with, but difficult to implement. Hooray for Freedom! will help you assess your professional practice, give you the legal and ethical context to support democracy in your library, and help you identify practical ways to implement improvements.