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  • David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library
  • Library Overview

    Welcome to the Galveston College Library Team. We hope your position as a student assistant will be an important part of your college experience. Working as a student assistant is a great way to earn extra money, but most importantly, our goal at the Galveston College Library is to cultivate a comfortable climate conducive to learning and gaining valuable work experience to be successful after graduation.

    You will be working with librarians and library staff to provide information, research materials, and provide essential library services to students, faculty, staff, and the community. 

    There are many benefits to working in the library, you can gain valuable and essential skills such as: 

    • invaluable research skills
    • training in current technology
    • convenient and flexible campus employment
    • excellent work experience for resume building
    • customer service skills
    • time management and prioritizing skills
    • quick thinking and problem solving skills
    • verbal and communication skills
    • a quiet and pleasant place to work
    • a way to meet a diverse set of people

    About the Library

    Welcome to Galveston College library. The David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library provides access to college level print and electronic resources for GC students, faculty, staff and the community.

    Dr. Hunt was Galveston College’s founding president. He helped start Galveston College as it opened its doors in 1967. The Library, named in his honor, promotes scholarship, basic research, and library instructions necessary to the academic programs.

    The Library is open to the public and holds more than 40,000 volumes. The Library has a computer lab with access to Microsoft Office, Print/Copy Center, and access to research databases. A Galveston College ID card is required to check out materials and use the computer lab.

    At the Library, you can find all of the resources you will need to succeed in your college research experience.

    The virtual library tour covers the starting point for research, and gives an overview of the resources available to GC students, faculty, and staff.



    The mission of the David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library is to provide a broad range of resources and services to the college community; to support the educational programs and curriculum of the college; to promote scholarship and basic research necessary to the academic and vocational programs; and to assist all library users in the development of lifelong learning and information literacy skills.

    Library Spaces and Technology

    *Please note: Due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, all study rooms are closed at this time and not available for booking.

    The GC Library provides several private/group study rooms to be used by GC students for discussion, study, and research sessions. 

    • Group Study Rooms are located in the Library, and are available for booking by students, faculty, and staff. Due to high demand, rooms can be booked for up to 2 hours per day, up to 5 time slots per week. 
    • If you are not able to book online, you can still reserve a study room by contacting the Circulation Desk. 
    • When not reserved, Group Study Rooms are available on a walk-in basis to GC students for collaborative group study. Walk-in groups take precedence over individuals.

    Every study room is equipped with:

    • A whiteboard
    • Tables and chairs
    • Dry-erase markers and erasers can be checked out at the Circulation Desk (GC ID is required). 
    • Power outlets

    How do I reserve a study room online?

    • Select an available (green) slot for the start of your reservation.
    • Submit Times.
    • Agree to Terms and Conditions.
    • Complete the Reservation Form and Submit Your Booking
    • Follow the link included in the confirmation email to confirm your booking. Failure to do so within 15 minutes after receiving the email will cause the request to be cancelled. 

    Contact the Circulation Desk at (409) 944-1240 or Message Us with any questions about room reservations. 

    *Please note: Due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, all study rooms are closed at this time and not available for booking.

    The Cyber Cafe is a collaborative space for students to eat, research, study, or just de-stress. The Cyber Cafe has six workstations with internet access.

    The Cyber Cafe also has vending machines and a microwave. 

    “Yes, you can move the furniture!” 

    The Flexible Learning Space is a flexible, technology accessible space with moveable modular furniture, electrical outlets, and moveable whiteboards to facilitate collaborative teamwork.  

    This area is also reserved for classroom instruction. If this area is reserved for instruction, please use other seating areas in the library.  

    Seating Areas with Power Outlets: 

    • Cyber Café 
    • Seating near the Computer Lab 
    • Study Rooms 


    *Please note: Due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, the Computer Lab is at 50% capacity at this time. 

    The Computer Lab (R-116) is located inside of the Library. You can work on computers with Office, and access library resources like eBooks, databases, magazines, streaming video, and library guides.

    The Computer Lab is open to Galveston College students, faculty, and staff with a current Galveston College ID:

    • 24 workstations are located in the Computer Lab
    • A printer is located in the lab
    • Access to Office 365
    • A GC ID and password is required
    • Guests log-in is not available at this time
    • Library staff is available for research assistance




    Galveston College students, faculty, and and staff can print in the Library.

    What printing options are available?

    There are 2 printers in the library. 

    Printer 1 (Ricoh)  is located in the front of the Library in the Copy Center with print, copy, and scan to email options. 

    Printer 2 (LAB_R116) is located in the computer lab with the option of duplex or double sided  printing. 

    • Free, limited printing is available with a max of 25 pages per day. 

    • Print, copy, or scan to email.

    • Print from any computer in the Computer Lab or Cyber Cafe. 

    • Print in black & white only. 



    How to Connect to the Wifi:

    • Select "GC-Student-Wifi" network

    • Open a browser window (this will bring you to the login page)

    • Log in using your GC Student ID (GC######) and password

    • Printing is unavailable from personal devices 

    Meet the Team

    telishia mickens

    Telishia "Tee" Mickens, MLS 



    Ms. Mickens is the Director of Library and Learning Resources at Galveston College. She is a first generation student from the small town of Freeport, Texas. She attended Brazosport College as a stepping stone into her academic journey. Her academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and a Master of Science in Library Science with Certification in Advanced Management of Library and Information Agencies from the University of North Texas in Denton. 

    In addition to her librarianship, Telishia has served in the capacity of  Advisor and Mentor for an organization to help female students succeed academically, personally, and professionally.

    Without a purpose and a plan, Telishia would not have been able to achieve any of the accomplishments above. What is your purpose in life? Telishia’s purpose extends beyond any degree she has obtained. Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created. Your purpose in life has nothing to do with where you came from, your family name, or your socioeconomic status. Don’t allow people or a system to define your purpose in life. Life is a process, trust the process.


    gracie otin

    Gracie Otin, MLS




    amanda newell

    Amanda Newell, MA



    First Name, Last Name