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  • David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library
  • This tutorial is designed to assist you through the various steps of the research process, including identifying and developing a topic, gathering information, finding library resources, evaluating and citing sources. The numbered tabs to the left represent the research process. 

    Note: The information provided in this tutorial is intended to be a guideline, not expert advice. If you need additional help with your research assignment, speak with your instructor or contact the Student Success Center for additional help. 

    "Where Do I Start?"

    Do you have an research assignment, but you are not sure where to start? Take a deep breath and begin by carefully reading the assignment instructions provided by your instructor. This will help you understand the the steps you need to take to complete the assignment.  


    Do You Need Help with Your Class? Do You Need a Tutor?

    A great on-campus resource is the Career Readiness and Student Success Center. The Career Readiness and Student Success Center provide access to online professional tutors 24 Hours a Day, Every Day of the Year through NetTutor. Get the help you deserve any time of day.