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  • How to Use Films on Demand

    Films On Demand is a database of documentaries, educational videos and news footage. Highly desirable items include the works of the Best of Ken Burns as well as PBS programs, selected TED talks, CNBC political footage, the Biography Channel and films from the American Museum of Natural History and so much more! 

    Before You Begin
    If you are unfamiliar with accessing the library's research databases or entering your OpenAthens college login, review How To Access Library Databases.


    If you know the title of the film or film segment that you are searching for, the search box at the top of the Films On Demand homepage is your best option.

    1. Put the title of the video or section that you are looking for in quotation marks in the search box, OR put the topic you are looking for in the search box.
    2. Hit enter or click the red button with the magnifying glass on it.
    3. To get to Advanced Search, click the Advanced Search link below the search box.


    Advanced Search

    If you want to search for a film but you don't know the exact title, or you want to find a film on a particular topic, try Advanced Search. You can perform and advanced search by clicking the Advanced Search link next to the search box on the Films On Demand homepage.

    When you get to Advanced Search:

    1. Enter your keywords into the search box.
    2. Use the Word Matching pull-down menu to select All Words, Some Words, or Exact Phrase. 
    3. You can also select one or more subject areas to search.

    • Optionally, limit your search to videos copyrighted in a certain time period.
    • Optionally, limit your search to videos that have closed-captions. 

    • Click Search.


    Explore Subjects

    Another way to find a video on your topic is to browse by subject area. To get to subject areas go to Explore Subjects, located below the search box. Select the  on the left or scroll through the list of subjects located below the search box.

    When you click on one of the subject Collections, you get a search results list. The Sub-topics are listed below the main subjects. For the Nursing collection, some of the sub-topics are Academic Success Skills, Career Development & Exploration, Diseases, Disorders and Disabilities. Each of those sub-topics can be clicked on to expand even more specific sub-sub-topics.


    Results List

    You can filter by Full Titles, All Languages, All Types, All Copyright Dates, and All Producers. You will see the Titles, Type, and options to Preview, Share, Embed, Link or Add to your content list (you must create an account to add to your content list).