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    Environmental science : a global concern / William P. Cunningham, Mary Ann Cunningham.
    The carbon code : how you can become a climate change hero.
    Environmental change and human security : recognizing and acting on hazard impacts / edited by P.H. Liotta [and others].
    The gentle subversive : Rachel Carson, Silent spring, and the rise of the environmental movement / Mark Hamilton Lytle.
    The climate change debate : a reference handbook / David E. Newton.
    A smarter, greener grid : forging environmental progress through smart energy policies and technologies.
    Climatology versus pseudoscience : exposing the failed predictions of global warming skeptics.
    The invention of nature : Alexander von Humboldt's new world.
    How green is your smartphone? / Richard Maxwell and Toby Miller.
    Manual for survival : a Chernobyl guide to the future / Kate Brown.
    Choked : life and breath in the age of air pollution / Beth Gardiner.
    Energy explained / Vikram Janardhan and Bob Fesmire.
    Media and the environment / edited by Anders Hansen.
    Water-quality engineering in natural systems : fate and transport processes in the water environment.
    Environment of the earth.
    Environment, politics, and ideology in North Korea : landscape as political project.
    Conserving the environment / Douglas Dupler, book editor.
    The Supreme Court and the environment : the reluctant protector.
    Technology and the environment in history / Sara B. Pritchard, Carl A. Zimring.
    Managing climate risks in coastal communities : strategies for engagement, readiness and adaptation.


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    Environmental Science : Principles and Practices
    Environmental Science : A New Approach
    Environmental Science
    Basics of Environmental Science
    Introduction to Environmental Sciences
    Science for Environmental Protection : The Road Ahead
    Trends in Environmental Science
    Sustainable Environmental Science
    Encyclopedia of Environmental Science Vol1 : Ecological Concepts and Environmental Science
    Environmental Science Research
    Environmental Social Sciences : Methods and Research Design
    Science in Environmental Policy : The Politics of Objective Advice
    Environmental and Pollution Science
    Ecology and Applied Environmental Science
    Basics of Environmental Science
    A Comprehensive Laboratory Manual for Environmental Science and Technology
    Essentials of Environmental Science for Public Health : A Handbook for Field Professionals
    Mycology and Microbiology : A Textbook for UG and PG Courses
    Environmental Literacy in Science and Society : From Knowledge to Decisions
    Environmental Health Science : Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Chemical and Physical Health Hazards

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    The Copenhagen diagnosis : updating the world on the latest climate science.

    Open Access eTextbooks

    All of the books listed are freely available, as they are hosted on websites that belong to the authors or the publishers.