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    At Galveston College Library we are here to provide excellent customer service at all times. Helping patrons is your most important job. The goals is to be user-focused, offering both professional, respectful front-desk service and care in materials handling. 

    Please ask for assistance. No one expects you to have all the answers. If you are working at a time when no one is available to help, leave a note for the regular library staff with information regarding the question so that someone can get back to the patron.

    Basic Guidelines: 

    • Be approachable and have a positive attitude.
    • Make eye contact, smile, and offer each patron a greeting, such as "Hello. How can I help you today?" or "Good morning! What can I do for you?"
    • Show interest: if talking to other staff members or performing a task, stop immediately to offer assistance to the patron.
    • Listen respectfully to the patron’s request, and pay close attention to questions. Ask for additional information if necessary to clarify the patron’s needs.
    • Be knowledgeable about your job and provide correct information. If you are unsure about something, ask a supervisor for assistance. (This way you will know the answer for next time, and won't steer the patron in the wrong direction. During ‘slow’ times, familiarize yourself with the library's webpages, the online catalog, databases, etc.)
    • Follow up, and confirm that the patron's questions have been answered.

    By now you should have registered and have access to WebJunction. The Customer Service Courses you are required to take is below. You have one day to complete this course during your scheduled work hours.

    WebJunction Course: Being Customer Focused: New and Emerging Trends in Customer Service

    • What is the use of a library if nobody comes? Or worse, what if they come but don’t come back?

    ► WebJunction Course: Dealing with Angry Patrons

    • This course is designed to help you improve your skills in dealing effectively with angry customers. 

     WebJunction Course: Dealing with Difficult Patrons

    • This one hour webinar providing expert resources for working with a patron using common sense practices and techniques for bringing that customer back into the fold.


    Helping Patrons Find Library Materials

    It can be difficult to know which search tool to use. Here's a quick guide.


    • The Good: Gives you an "insider look" at item records with detailed info (when last checked out, when due, etc).  Also searches records for cataloged information.
    • The Bad: Clunky search interface; cannot search Reserve items easily. 
      • Use EOS  when a patron wants to locate a specific book in the library, and they know the title and/or author.

    Whitecaps OneSearch:

    • The Good: Streamlined interface. You can search multiple formats in one search and you can filter search results by publication date, item type, subject heading, etc.  Easily access full text online.
    • The Bad: Possible information overload -- returns results for not only books, but also journal articles, newspapers articles, book reviews, etc. When looking for a physical book located in the Library, you have to click-through to the catalog record to view book availability. 
      • Use it when a patron has a really good idea of what they want, but may not have the specific title; or if they are open to information in other formats.

    Always remember to refer patrons to a Library Team Member if they need help finding sources (as opposed to help finding a specific title).