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The iLIT Newsletter

Welcome to Spring 2021 in the Library! 

What's going on in the library? While things were very different the library has still been very busy with students seeking a place to study and make use of library resources! Of course, this did not go without challenge as social distancing has continued to be a challenge for avid library patrons--from furniture being constantly moved around to requests for additional seating and embracing a virtual library presence! But we are adjusting and embracing our "new" norm. 

COVID-19 Guidelines in the Library. 

As with the rest of the campus and the world, the library has guidelines in place. Limited seating is to be expected in the general areas and the library computer lab. The Cyber Cafe and Study Rooms will remain closed at this time. 

All books must be returned to the exterior book drop located in the hallway outside of the library to the right of the entrance. Books will not be accepted by library staff at the circulation desk.

Books are sanitized upon return with a UV Sterilizer which is said to kill viruses like COVID-19 in up to 2 minutes, because of this process check out of some materials will be delayed at times. 

What's New and Updates

Library Instruction: Virtual Webinars for All! 

We are extremely excited to announce our new virtual webinars/workshops! We experienced a decline in scheduled library instruction sessions this Fall for many obvious reasons and wanted to find a way to make library instruction more accessible!

A series of virtual library instruction webinars have been created to ensure students, faculty, and staff are given opportunities to develop strategies for uncovering accurate, relevant, and quality information at GC Library! Webinars require registration to attend. See the Upcoming Library Webinars tab below for more information.

Faculty, please note...this will affect how you schedule library instruction. A separate email will be sent to all faculty regarding library instruction. See the For Faculty tab below for more information. 


Whitecaps OneSearch Explained

What is EDS? You may have heard the term EDS or EBSCO Discovery Service before.

Whitecaps OneSearch through EDS allows for power searching. You can search for articles, books, eBooks, and more in ONE SEARCH!!! Amazing! This search tool is a hidden gem the library has had in place for several years now. In a continued effort to streamline the research process, the library has transitioned to this interface in hopes, it will improve usability and accessibility to resources.

Where do I Start My Search? Whitecaps OneSearch can be found on the library homepage, you CAN'T miss it, it's the bright yellow box at the top of the page, we are currently working to further enhance the search box for an even more streamlined experience. Try the Whitecaps OneSearch Now! 

Virtual Book Displays and Digital Magazines

While some of you visit the library in person, not everyone is on campus so we created virtual book displays just for you! See what is on display in the library and virtually! Some books may be available as eBooks, if not, request an eBook. Don't forget we have Flipster digital magazines as well. 

Browse the full collection of magazine titles

Collection and Weeding Updates

Why are some of the shelves empty? Our shelves are under construction for a while as we are working on an extensive weeding project. We are evaluating our collection, deselecting dated material, and adding new and relevant material to the collection. We also have some very exciting NEW collections coming in the future! 

Numbers Matter!

We know that numbers matter in the Library, so we keep track of what's going on! You will probably be surprised to see how much activity takes place in the Library. Chat is LIT...we saw a tremendous increase in chat sessions this Fall, we had 525 sessions in total! See the Library Statistics tab below for more information. 


Library Website Updates

Things may look a little different but everything is still there, we promise! 

What changed?

  • Added Whitecaps OneSearch--more updates coming soon! 
  • Added the Chat Widget so you can always CHAT with US! 
  • Updated Quick Links
  • Updated Get Help
  • Added your requests don't get lost in an email!
  • Updated our Text A Librarian number
  • Added Quick Tabs at the bottom with Popular Resources
  • Coming soon--enhanced Whitecaps OneSearch box 

Library Instruction Webinars

Students, have you ever attended a library instruction session? Faculty, do you schedule library instruction for your classes?

Library Instruction is so LIVE this Spring, yeap, it's LIT! 

You no longer have to submit a form to request library instruction, we have created a series of virtual library instruction webinars to help faculty, staff, and students develop the information literacy skills needed to uncover accurate, relevant, and quality information. With all the work we have put into these sessions, why not offer EXTRA CREDIT or a GRADED ASSIGNMENT? 

Here's How it Works...

1. Register for one of the sessions

2. Receive an email confirmation after successful registration with a link and password to the session. 

3. Receive an email one hour before the session 

4. Receive an email one hour after the session with a link to complete the session quiz

5. If your instructor is offering EXTRA CREDIT or this is a GRADED ASSIGNMENT, forward your results to your instructor! WALLLA!

6. Last, but certainly not least...all quiz submissions will be entered into a monthly drawing for a Library Swagg Item, can earn your spot as a contestant on GC Library Jeopardy later this semester! YES, Jeopardy! More information about GC Library Jeopardy coming soon!

View our Upcoming Library Instruction Webinars below or click here to see a detailed description of all webinars offered. 

Library Statistics for Fall 2020

Below we have highlighted a few stats for your viewing! 

Chat and Questions Asked: 525-Sessions, 862-Questions Asked

Flipster Digital Magazines: 65-Online Views, 115-Searches, 85-Sessions

eBooks: 1047-Online Views, 1076-Accessed, 1328-Abstract Requests

​​​​​Databases: 97,263-Sessions, 403,458 -Total Searches, 24,278-Requests

​​​Films on Demand: 738-Users, 3,479-Page Views, 396-New Users


Our Students LOVE the GC Library (8,404 total visits in the Fall)--The Flexible Learning Space is the student's FAVORITE spot in the Library! 


Library Instruction Sessions-Help Us Get These Number Up! 

Circulation-We have lots of great books for you to check out...and laptops too! 

For Faculty

Don't forget to visit the Library Faculty Page to access tools and services the library offers in support of teaching, scholarship, and student success!

Updates about Library Instruction

Prior to the Spring faculty would submit a form to request library instruction sessions. 

We experienced a decline in scheduled library instruction sessions this Fall for many obvious reasons and wanted to find a way to make library instruction more accessible!

We created a series of virtual library instruction webinars to ensure students, faculty, and staff are given opportunities to develop information literacy skills.

The webinars are designed to cover all bases of instruction to meet the Association of College & Research Libraries Information Literacy Competency Standards and for Higher Education. You can find an abbreviated list of these standards on the Library Faculty page

In order to further increase participation in library instruction, consider offering a library instruction session as a graded assignment or extra credit. There is a graded quiz after each session as mentioned in the Library Instruction Webinars tab. 

I would recommend starting with the 3 Quick Start Sessions:

  • Quick Orientation of Galveston College Library Online 
  • Finding and Using GC Library eBooks
  • Introduction to GC Library Databases

Please check the Upcoming Webinars schedule, as the semester progresses there will be more in-depth research webinars offered. If your students register for a specific webinar and you would like a topic covered, please send an email to Tee Mickens, Director of Library and Learning Resources.