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  • Expedite Your ILL Request using the WorldCat Catalog

    What is WorldCat?

    WorldCat stands for World Catalog. It is the Interlibrary Loan Catalog system, in which you can search for books or articles to request from another library.

    How do I use WorldCat?

    1. Start by following this link to the catalog:

    2. You can then search this system as you would a normal catalog.

    3. You can filter your results on the left-hand side.

    4. Once you find a book, media, or article you would like to request, click on the title.

    Be sure to double check the media you are selecting is the correct media you would like to select: Print Book, eBook, audiobook etc.

    5. On the right-hand side select "Request Item through Interlibary Loan".

    6. You will then be brought to a new page with a form. Fill out the form with your information and click "Submit".

    *Pay special attention to filling out the "GC Status," and the "Need Before" date.

    7. That's it! The next thing to do is to wait for a phone call or e-mail notifying you that the item you requested is ready for pick-up.