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    Welcome to Galveston College library. The David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library provides access to college-level print and electronic resources for GC students, faculty, staff, and the community.

    Dr. Hunt was Galveston College’s founding president. He helped start Galveston College as it opened its doors in 1967. The library, named in his honor, promotes scholarship, basic research, and library instructions necessary to the academic programs.

    The library is open to the public and holds more than 40,000 volumes. The library has a computer lab with access to Microsoft Office, Print/Copy Center, and access to research databases. A Galveston College ID card is required to check out library materials. 


    The mission of the David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library is to provide a broad range of resources and services to the college community; to support the educational programs and curriculum of the college; to promote scholarship and basic research necessary to the academic and vocational programs, and to assist all library users in the development of lifelong learning and information literacy skills.