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  • NYC Pride announces the official theme for 2023, Strength in Solidarity, as the kick-off to this year’s events and programming. Amidst a backdrop of increased attacks against members of the LGBTQIA+ community, especially in the form of legislation and physical violence that directly targets trans and BIPOC individuals, NYC Pride seeks to spotlight the power and resiliency of the community and its allies. This year’s theme highlights the cultural significance of the LGBTQIA+ community within the fabric of modern society, while acknowledging every individual’s uniqueness and ability to wield tremendous power when united with others. In a world where platforms of hatred and violence are upheld and even celebrated, NYC Pride seeks to illuminate the good that can and has been accomplished through uplifting and supporting one another. Fear and intimidation only serve to isolate and diminish the community and its allies, but when individuals unite, Strength in Solidarity is truly unlimited. Read more about this year's theme.

    Reference: Retrieved from NYC Pride.

    Pride Month Interactive History


    Timeline Of Notable Events

    Reference: This interactive timeline was provided from LGBT Timeline.