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  • Evidence-Based Care Sheets in CINAHL

    EBSCO HOSTCINAHL provides nearly 150 Evidence-Based Care Sheets, which are designed to give a "general informational overview of the subject for the healthcare professional" on a variety of topics. Most are two pages long and include information on "What We Know" and "What We Can Do," supported by a list of References for further information.

    While the Evidence-Based Care Sheets are written, edited, and reviewed by RNs and MDs, they are published by CINAHL Information Systems, so they are not considered journal articles. Use these for background information and helpful references.

    You can view these helpful summaries by clicking on Evidence-Based Care Sheets at the top of the CINAHL screen:

    Then you'll see a screen where you can either browse for a topic alphabetically or search for a topic using the search box:

    You can view the Evidence-Based Care Sheets by checking one or more topic checkboxes, and then clicking Search at the top of the list:

    Once you hit Search, you'll see a page with all the Sheets you selected. To read the document, click on the PDF Full-Text link:

    To read the document, open the link to the PDF Full Text. From the PDF, you can print, save, or email the document to yourself: