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  • Academic Video Online--Streaming Media on Nuclear Medicine Technology 

    With more than 60,000 titles, Academic Video Online is the most comprehensive video subscription available to libraries. Academic Video Online has titles on the broadest range of subject areas, including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, etc. Below are just a few videos available to you—search Academic Video Online for more videos on Nuclear Medicine Technology. 



      Learn How Radiation Is Used In Nuclear Medicine To Treat Cancer

    Video about nuclear medicine where radioisotopes are used in the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases. Technetium 99M is used as an example.


     Learn How Radiopharmaceuticals Are Used In The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Illness In Nuclear Medicine

    The video describes important applications of nuclear science in modern medicine. Radiopharmaceuticals, positron emission tomography (PET), single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), radionuclides.

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