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  • Embedding a Link to Articles, Journals, Films, and Other Resources

    Creating Persistent Links to Library Resources

    In order for your students to access articles, journals, films, and other resources at the library, you need to share with them permanent links/persistent URLs to those resources.

    To find a permanent link/persistent URL: On the article, journal, or film record, look for words such as "Embed URL", "Persistent URL", "Stable URL," "InfoMark," "Document URL," or "Permalink."


    An Example from the Library Catalog


    An Example from an Article Database


    An Example from a Streaming Video Database "Films on Demand"



    Embedding a Persistent Link in Canvas

    Once you have found or built a persistent URL you can paste the URL into a Canvas page or other document. In order for your students to access the link, it is better to load the link in a new tab since some URLs are not considered safe enough in Canvas.


    Want to embed other library resources to Canvas?

    There are also additional guides on how to embed other library resources into Canvas.


    Got a question or comment?

    For library resources in Canvas, contact Telishia "Tee" Mickens, Library Director, at

    For Canvas technical support or training information, contact Patricia Reyes, Distance Education Coordinator at