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  •  Video Tutorials

    Video tutorial are important to students because they add another dimension of learning that makes the educational experience more effective. Video tutorials offer allow a classroom setting to come to life, offering different perspectives and tools that students might not normally be able to take advantage of in their learning. 

    The ability to pause, rewind, stop and play a recorded video tutorial from a DVD or online helps students replay important points that they need to remember, which is essential for memory retention.

    Video tutorials that allow for interaction, such as computer software lessons, provide a "hands-on" approach that can help reinforce the information. (Source: Houston Chronicle)

    Below you will find a brief description of the video tutorials available to you. Please check back, new video tutorials will be added as available! 

    Galveston College Library Video Tutorial

    • The session covers the starting point for research, and gives an overview of the resources available to students. This tutorial provides guidance to the resources available at David Glen Hunt Memorial Library for students located both on and off campus.

    Introduction to EBSCOhost

    • This tutorial provides an overview of the EBSCOhost interface.

    EBSCOhost: Basic Search

    • This tutorial demonstrates a basic search on EBSCOhost.

    EBSCOhost: Creating an Advanced Search

    • This tutorial demonstrates an Advanced Search on EBSCOhost.

    EBSCOhost: Personalized Folder

    This tutorial demonstrates the features of the My EBSCOhost Personalization folder.

    Gale In Context: Topic Finder

    • This tutorial shows you how to use the Topic Finder found in many Gale resources to analyze search results and create a unique research topic.

    Gale Legal Forms: Finding Documents

    • This tutorial shows you how to use search and browse features to navigate and download legal documents.

    Gale Legal Forms: Legal Tools

    • This tutorial explores tools within Gale Legal Forms, including Legal Definitions and Legal Q&A.

    Gale Virtual Reference Library: Browsing Titles

    • Browse GVRL eBooks anytime, anywhere, and on ANY device.

    Gale Virtual Reference Library: Searching for Information

    • This tutorial will show you how to use GVRL search features to pinpoint relevant entries in GVRL eBooks.

    Gale Tools: Citations

    • This tutorial shows you how to use Citation Tools found in many Gale resources to simplify the research process.

    Gale Tools: Downloading and Sending to Google Drive and OneDrive

    • This tutorial shows you how to download results or send documents to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive from many Gale resources.

    PowerPoint 2016 Basics

    • In this free PowerPoint 2016 tutorial, learn how to use themes and background styles, add pictures and clip art, modify charts and lists, and do more to create standout presentations. Provided by the Goodwill Community Foundation at

    PowerPoint 2016 Video Tutorial Series

    • With this video series, you’ll understand how to use the powerful tools in PowerPoint 2016 to create professional, compelling presentations, including applying themes and transitions, inserting pictures and shapes, aligning objects, and doing more. Provided by the Goodwill Community Foundation at