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  • The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Libraries and Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) leads an Open Textbook/Open Educational Resource Adoption Project which impacts 12,056 students and has saved students $1,666,173!

    (Results of the Open Textbook and Open Educational Resource Adoption Project since 2016)

    Featured Courses Using Open Textbooks at UMW | GC Course Comparison

    GC Course Description: PSYC 2301 General Psychology | Credits: 3 | Prerequisites: TSI Satisfied in literacy |

    A survey of the major topics in psychology topics, theories and approaches to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

    UMW Course Description: PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology | Credits: 3 | Prerequisites: None |

    The scientific study of behavior.

    This course has used an open textbook for 14 semesters. 

    Psychology Openstax Book Cover

    • Open Textbook used: OpenStax Psychology
    • 6,139 students
    • Replaced $170 textbook
    • Totals student savings of $1,043,630


    GC Course Description: SPCH 1315 Public Speaking | Credits: 3 | Prerequisites: TSI Satisfied in literacy | Application of communication theory and practice to the public speaking context, with emphasis on audience analysis, speaker delivery, ethics of communication, cultural diversity, and speech organizational techniques to develop students’ speaking abilities, as well as ability to effectively evaluate oral presentations

    UWM Course Description: COMMUN 103-Public Speaking | Credits: 3 | Prerequisites: None | 

    Principles of public address in informative, persuasive and special occasion situations with emphasis on the theory, composition, and presentation of speeches.

    This course has used an open textbook for 7 semesters in some sections. 

    'Stand up, Speak Out'  book cover

    • Stand up, Speak out  is a remix of an already existing open textbook, written and edited by UWM communication faculty
    • 1,950, students
    • Replaced $66 textbook
    • Textbook Totals student saving of $109,780


    No Course Description Found. 

    These courses used open access materials for 3 semesters. 

    Photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash

    • This course will be using a collection of open access materials including readings and images
    • 245 students
    • Replaced $250 Textbook
    • Totals student savings of $61,250

    GC Course Description: EDUC 1300 Learning Framework | Credit: 3 | Prerequisites: None | 

    A study of the 1) research and theory in the psychology of learning, cognition, and motivation, 2) factors that impact learning, and 3) application of learning strategies. Theoretical models of
    strategic learning, cognition, and motivation serve as the conceptual basis for the introduction of college-level academic strategies. Students use assessment instruments (e.g., learning inventories) to help them identify their own strengths and weaknesses as strategic learners. Students are ultimately expected to integrate and apply the learning skills discussed across their own academic programs and become effective and efficient learners. Students developing these skills should be able to continually draw from the theoretical models they have learned. (Cross-listed as PSYC 1300)

    UWM Course Description: Education Psychology | Pathways to Success at UWM | Credits: 3 Hours | Prerequisites: None |  Provides students with knowledge of and connection to campus resources, helping with study skills and time management in order to be successful at UWM.| May not be retaken for credit. 

    This course has used an open textbook for 2 semesters. 

    • Open Textbook that will be used: College Success
    • 427 students
    • Replaced $124 textbook
    • Totals student savings of $52,948

    GC Course Description: HIST 1301 United States History I | Credits: 3 | Prerequisites: TSI Satisfied in literacy |

    A survey of the social, political, economic, cultural, and intellectual history of the United States from the pre-Columbian era to the Civil War/Reconstruction period. United States History I includes the study of pre-Columbian, colonial, revolutionary, early national, slavery and sectionalism, and the Civil War/Reconstruction eras. Themes that may be addressed in United States History I include: American settlement and diversity, American culture, religion, civil and human rights, technological change, economic change, immigration and migration, and creation of the federal government.

    UWM Course Description: American History: 1607 to 1877 | Credits: 3 | Prerequisites: None | 

    Survey of American social, political and economic development to 1877.

    This course has used an open textbook for 1 semester

    U.S History Openstax book cover

    • Open Textbook: U.S. History 
    • 21 students
    • Replaced $100 textbook
    • Total Savings of $2,100

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