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  • Open Textbook Library Open Access

    • The Open Textbook Library at the University of Minnesota offers a catalog of open, peer-reviewed textbooks that can be downloaded for free. 

    OpenStax Open Access

    Open SUNY Textbooks Open Access

    BCcampus OpenEd Open Access

    Saylor Academy Open Access

    American Institute of Mathematics Open Access

    InTech Open Access

    MIT OpenCourseWare: Online Textbooks Open Access

    College Open Textbooks Open Access

    The Global Text Project Open Access

    FLOSS Manuals Open Access

    Google Advanced Image Search


    UWM Libraries Digital Collections

    UW Digital Collections

    New York Public Library Digital Collections

    Library of Congress Digital Collections

    Google Image Search + Usage Rights

    The Google feature called "search tools" will allow you to limit your search by type of reuse license.

    Flickr CC Licensed images

    Flickr's Creative Commons interface




    Khan Academy

    YouTube Creative Commons Search

    My Open Math

    Phet Interactive Simulations


    Khan Academy

    MIT OpenCourseWare

    Harvard Online Learning

    Khan Academy


    Lumen Learning


    Openstax CNX

    OER Commons


    The Orange Grove

    Open Course Library

    Education Resources from the Library of Congress

    New Literacies Alliance