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    OERTX, the state’s digital repository of open educational resources (OER) for Texas students and educational institutions. OERTX is provided through a partnership between the Coordinating Board and the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) and is made possible by an appropriation from the Texas Legislature.

    All OERTX materials are licensed through Creative Commons or are in the public domain, free and available to any user who can become a part of the community by authoring material within the site, providing reviews of materials, or joining an OER group.

    OERTX is designed to facilitate the curation of OER e-textbooks and other OER materials used frequently by Texas institutions of higher education and to support the creation and customization of new resources to meet the needs of Texas students and faculty. All OERTX resources will be free and available to any student.

    Explore. Create. Collaborate. 

    • Search through collections of curated open educational resources.
    • Contribute OER to the Repository with Open Author.
    • Collaborate and create with other educators in hubs and groups.

    Explore OERTX by clicking the image below! 

    More information about the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Launch of OERTX can be found below.